Mobile Number Pre-Porting Verification

Need to know:

When you choose to transfer (or “port”) your mobile number to Blink, we will send an SMS text to your number containing a 6-digit code:

         Hello <your name>, to authorise the transfer of your number <your number> to Blink, reply with the following code: XXXXXX

Your number cannot be ported or activated until you reply to the SMS with the correct code. This protects you from mobile number fraud.


What is Pre-Porting Verification?

From April 2020, all mobile service providers will take additional steps to verify the ownership of a mobile number before allowing it to be ported to a new service provider.

You can read the details on the Australian Communications and Media Authority website but the reason we’re doing this is to reduce mobile number fraud – basically, scammers transfer your number to their phone and then begin to commit fraud and even steal your identity!

For Blink customers, this means now when you request to transfer your existing mobile number to Blink, we will send an SMS message to your number that contains a unique code. You need to reply to that message with the unique code. If you do not reply, or the reply has an invalid code, we are not permitted to transfer your number.

Note, you will need to send a unique SMS response for every number that you wish to transfer. So if you’re bringing more than one number, you need to send more than one reply!

If you are unable to reply to the SMS because, for example, you lost or damaged your phone, we are required to confirm your identity through other means such as government documents (eg. driver’s license, passport, etc.). You will need to contact the Blink customer service team to complete the verification.

While all this may be an additional step to transfer your number, we are sure you’ll agree the small extra effort is worthwhile to help prevent mobile number fraud.


What happens if I receive an SMS about porting my number that I never requested?

Contact the Blink customer service team immediately to discuss. If you are an existing Blink customer and you receive a message like the one above from another service provider, you should first contact that service provider before contacting Blink.

The good news is that a number transfer can be reversed even if it completes and is then found to be fraudulent. So, you can get your number back! Although the damage may have already be done so the important thing is to take action as quickly as possible.


Who can I speak to about Mobile Number Porting Verification?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can chat with us online or call 1800 254 654  and speak to our service team.